Magic Charging Question

So apparently I didn’t know that when you charge you can get certain effects off of you if your a specific magic. I just found out by the recent changes in the Trello but this brought me to questions on magic charging in later game.

So once we get our second, third, etc. magics, how will the color of charging work? I’m thinking it may be something like the last magic you used or the color of all the magics together but that would result in ugly colors since multiple hues are being all combines together but I would like to know what other people think. Also with the charging thing to get certain effects off of you will it just be your first magic that can be used to get effects off of you or does it depend on all of your magics? That’s all I have…

i think it’ll only show your first magics charging effect. as for removing status effects I have no idea

As far as I know, only your first magic will clear effects, but I can’t really prove it as it’s the kind of thing that became so known from hearing others say it that the source is unknown. Basically a rumor. Actually, I remember that the description of the aura gamepass specifically stated before that it was purely cosmetic, it’s probably what started the rumor.

…And also because having 3 magics to remove effects would allow you to cancel almost every effect of the game, even if you aren’t aiming for it.

Only having your first magic clear effects is stupid.

Considering how broken it would be otherwise, I disagree.

Being able to switch your primary would be neato tho

…I mean some magics can remove 5-6 effects by themselve, and it would make basically any magic with an effect considerably worse. Anything with a DoT would be more or less stuck with it’s impact damage only which is generally not incredible like poison, fire and plasma. Magics mostly based on combos would lose the only thing that makes them useful, like water. Those blinding magic would also lose what makes them special, which isn’t as bad as some other magics but it’s still a downgrade.

It could be cool to be able to choose with which magic to charge I guess so at least it wouldn’t be as op as having a single general charge that cancels most effects, but even then, if you can switch very quickly mid-fight, it has the same problems as having one general charge.

Maybe if you have Water Magic equipped last you would charge with water even if it’s not your first magic

It could work like i recall it working in AA

Like when you used a fire self explosion on you it would clear bleeding

So instead of having fire and wind and pressing shift once and clear every effect in the game you would retain the ability to clear bleeding with fire charge

but if you wanted to clear effects with wind magic you would have to use a self explosion in yourself