Magic combo brainstorming thread

:gold_magic_var1: :explosion_magic: :crystal_magic_var4:

:poison_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var1: :explosion_magic:

So I made these two ideas for synergies and I need your guy’s thoughts on them.

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Just bump your old synergy thread instead of creating so many new ones.


Ima just use this as my new synergy thread since liu closed my old ones


Also another synergy

:poison_magic_var1: :glass_magic: :explosion_magic:

:explosion_magic: :crystal_magic_var4: :gold_magic_var1:

:acid_magic_var2: :explosion_magic: :ash_magic:

Ooh I like this

Following you was a grave mistake


Sorry not sorry

:gold_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var4: :explosion_magic:

As cool as all those synergies are, this will always be my fave

no. i combined them into one because you kept making more, the issue with such is that it doesn’t take the initial topic and move it so that’s on you for never listening to me

Ok well dont close this one cuz I’m using it as my brainstorm area

:poison_magic_var1: :gold_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var2:

Feedback pls.

Last post for now

:gold_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var3: :explosion_magic:

obv i’m not going to since you’re finally taking my advice

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:acid_magic_var2: :ash_magic: :explosion_magic:

I literally just realized how powerful this is lol

off topic but I really like how snooty you think you can be to her Majesty, Liu lmaooo

Imagine simp

Anything for Liu.