Magic element ideas

just an idea that came up to me, a magic element concept that i made up

“Illusion” Magic - a mutation of light magic

(credit to tobi for making the magic circle base, this was done in 10 minutes so it looks mega scuffed (oops i said mutation but used the ao magic circle instead of the aa one like a dumbass!!!))

as most people would know, your eyes can perceive light, every image you see is a product of light, this text, your hands, anything that you can detect with your eyes.

illusion magic can bend and distort light to create false images and visual hallucinations to confuse and disorient your enemies, being able to be invisible to them as you’re standing right in front of them, or even distorting how they see their surroundings, how they see colors or making them see things that just aren’t there, such as fake images of enemies running towards them

before some smartass feels the need to say it, yes, this would be absolutely fucking useless against a blind person


From my point of view, honestly this more to cursed magic than magic, since this magic element concept you create can drive people’s mind to crazy

Still it would be cool if vetex actually put this in AO storyline :eyes:

Everyone: ITS OP!

Me who constantly using magic sensing: I dont have such weakness

yeah, didn’t feel the need to mention that using it to become invisible would be about as effective as shadow cloaking. being able to inflict illusions can still be terrifying, regardless