Magic Fusions :

Make magic fusions or something where you need 2 people to create a different magic an example is
Fire user and Ice user make water magic
Heat base magic and sand for glass magic
Water and Snow for Ice magic
If oil magic was a thing oil and fire for Explosion
This is random and shouldn’t be a thing but Slash and Wood magic for paper
Plus mud magic is already an Earth and Water Mix
And any other magics that have a possible fusion

how would this work exactly

Idk if you’re in a party make your magics clash or sum

I don’t really see a point to this.

There’s already magic interactions which involve a combination of multiple magics.

This sort of things kinda happens with stuff light lightning + gold, but other than the stuff that already exists i dont see the point in this

never did magic fusions existed in the arcane world. this shouldnt be a thing

Gold + electricity = e l e c t r o b a l l

It actually does work in the game. try it yourself. :gold_magic_var2::lightning_magic_var2:

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. also you just spoiled an awesome move, how dare you.