Magic High Jump

I haven’t seen anybody talk about this but when I try to get multiple high jumps in a row sometimes ill press the button and it wont work because of the animation or whatever. So basically I either spam the button as fast as I can and use up a lot of magic energy. Or actually try to focus super hard to time it right
it might just be my terrible internet or something like that

You can spam magic high jumps pretty fast if you have a good ping in a certain server, by just spam tapping it.

a better way to explain my problem is that i want to time it right so i can get maximum height without using too much magic energy but sometimes ill press the button and i wont high jump. right now the best solution for me is to just press the button twice every time i want to high jump

Yeah same thing here, the delay between when I’m able to jump is very inconsistent, but as stated before, it’s probably due to ping