Magic “inventor” statues

So you know how in the bronze grasslands (i think) has a statue of a man who apparently created or invented lightning, i think his name was like Oscar Tesla or something but the point is what if there were more of these statues around the islands in hidden spots or places that fit the magic best, like a statue of someone named “magnus finch, the inventor of combustion” near a city or “yurik white, the inventor if snow” in an area where theres a lot of snow, basically statues that represent the magics in the game, also you could have easter eggs like arsen being the ash statue or something idk if arsen invented ash but you know what i mean.

Theres no real reason as to why you should impliment these other than it looks and sounds cool and seems like a fun minigame to “find” all the stones, i guess theres some treasure chests around and such but theres no special loot or anything.

Welp, weird idea i had, hope u like it.

(Nvm i just read the lore i guess this post is useless now lol)

… have you even read the lore doc?

also, oscar tesla didn’t invent lightning magic, but instead found either electricity or made lightbulbs. (like thomas eddison).

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Ooooh ok lol

This post is useless ig lol

The Tesla dude invented electricity, not the magic itself, the statues aren’t super important, other than the One in bronze grasslands with the weird lance sword, and the one in mount sea watch is just a tribute to vetex’s old friend

imagine invent earth

The statue in the bronze grasslands was for a man called Samuel J Watts, he discovered electricity

I’m sorry but reading this made me want to slam my head repeatedly into my keyboard.

It’s a good thing you read the lore otherwise I woud’ve had a stroke. :nod:

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