Magic may need some new gimmicks

I think that with the edition of fighting styles and all there little gimmicks its safe to say magic needs something that can seperate itself from just dot, cloud damage etc. Im glad vetex went over all those heat/energy based magics and gave them new interactions with the ocean and i would really like to see some love for magic in the patchnotes.
(lost spells do not count lost/anicent magics are far into the future)
Cant be the only one who feels this way

magic synergies

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holy shit this guy is a genius

You should become a tester for this brilliant idea!

2nd magec go brr

water+lightning go brr

you can’t just say the largest factor in defining your kit doesn’t count when considering something like this


let’s just like add ferrosand magic and it makes piles of ferrosand that when stimulated with electricity become extremely powerful hazards

FS and their gimmicks haven’t been added yet so that’s a comparison that can’t really be made yet

Do you have something against lost spells

Overall i do understand the sentiment that magic synerrgies can be explored more than they currently are which is basically just damage or stun

stun isn’t effective since your opponent can just cancel it with an attack, so really just damage.

I can’t think of many other effects that wouldn’t overstep into the scroll magics territory of unique effects.

Perhaps the solid magics rubble could be a little more of an actual thing.

magic has all the different types of magic, synergirs lost magics, ancients, and lost spell types

its way more varied than fighting styles and weapons and thats its gimmick

rare lost spells are obtainable at level 30 so theyre not far into the future


lost spells

magic synergies are kinda lame tbh, they’re cool in concept but are pretty annoying in-game with how powerful some are (lightning+water) and how half of them are negative which means you’re nerfing yourself if you wanna go light and shadow for example, since both their status effects cancel out (would be an actually decent combo if this wasn’t a thing).

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using this once more as a reason to say that light and shadow should buff each other. In any other setting I would understand but in the AU with the equinox reaction. It’d give shadow ONE interesting synergy.

I mean light got a synergy with crystal so the argument that the two are basic stat driven magics isn’t quite as sound.

Plus light and shadow builds (while edgy, kinda) are cool. And I’d love to do a light shadow conjurer.

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dont care about magics being similar to eachother
however, fighting styles have more customization options that are both cool and have an effect on gameplay. i do think magic looks better for now since all we got is basic combat, which, as expected, doesn’t look fancy, especially on the particle side, but animations for fighting styles are both nice and they actually matter in combat, and thats not including the knockback option


Magic synergies give us unique gimmicks. Just because it’s not the same sort of gimmick as fighting styles, that doesn’t mean it’s not a gimmick. If magic and fighting styles had the same sort of gimmicks they wouldn’t be very different from each other in terms of gameplay.

Rare spells will be here on early access.


people with ice, gold and shadow be like: eheheheheheh

Equinox blades

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you caught me