Magic shapes and arcanium weapons

So we’ve been told that arcanium weapons would change the effects of magic. Such as bows cashing size to decrease but damage to increase. Now that magic shape has taken that niche In wondering if arcanium weapons will work differently now, or if the effects will stack letting let’s say arcanium bows and the arrow shape (or maybe rifles) cast the ultimate sniper spells lol

me summoning my god-sized magical arrow with my arcanium bow:

why summon arrows from your bow when you can summon swords from your SWORD


makes more sense ig

Ultimate form kingdom hearts 3

I imagine arcanium weapons will still do this to a more drastic degree


I could see it just stacking since arcanium weapons already have a good idea with them, it’d magic shapes stacking ontop would just add even more customization.

It could also make magic shapes not stack and instead just turn them purely cosmetic

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