Magic Tier List based on magic's looks, effects, details, etc

My opinion (subject to change every time)

Note that this isn’t a ‘‘best magic for PvP’’ but rather the best looking/most aesthetically pleasing to use. There might be a bias towards a couple magics though.

Share your opinion, let’s keep the discussion civilized :pray:


Seeing Explosion magic’s pillar explosion is quite cool to see ngl

liquid magics are all reskins wtf

Honestly, the only thing I would change is I’d put wind one tier lower.

acid>water>ink imo

magma beats them all

Magma pog

Hopefully this changes in tgr

imagine a fully charged lvl 1000 ultimate placed pillar explosion from explosion magic

Atomic Bomb!


doubt, but let’s see :eyes:

with max magic size :sunglasses:

Island destroyer

You’d probably be able to replicate Hiroshima but on a slightly smaller scale

Tsunami maker.

You gave me an idea now.

How about Explosion creating waves?

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make it a suggestion, i’ll vote

I know crystal magic has the most amount of color variations but i just never liked how it looked, especially the shockwave explosion, the sphere explosion looks alright i guess but everything else just looks bad.

an ENTIRE tier tho? nah

my opinion

remember that, also that’s cause I like magma more

I put it there cause I like it’s color variations and shapes. Your opinion is appreciated though.