Magic weapon spells confirmed for mages?

magic weapons (not arcanium) for mages confirmed?
damon is the sailors lodge owner
pretty cool guy (pun intended)


I assumed he was just a conjuror who imbued regular knives with magic, and didn’t get caught up in semantics of what classifies as a mage

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I mean, that does look like the knives are imbued with magic. But I don’t thing that the handle on bladed weapons is usually covered in the magic’s effects, so I’m not sure. Maybe it is just arcanium daggers.

either he imbued then or those are arcanium weapons


this just made me think of an actual sick idea

new cooking levels, complete new spectrum of stuff you can do

include cutting board food, baking, etc.

you can use tools to play a cool minigame or something??? those tools can be made outta materials, stuff like bronze, silver, arcanium, etc.

super complex idea but lmao your comment just brought this idea outta nowhere

It’s either he’s a retired conjurer, arcanium or flaunting or whatever that was.

If you don’t know flaunting is just using magic in a non-combative way like if your a water mage your “flaunt ability” is just pouring water from your hand/magic circle into a cup.

And since he looks like a bartender it’d make sense he would utilize his Ice magic for his own convenience.

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i kinda dobut that seeing that not the entirety of arcanium weapons would be covered in magic, seeing that only the blade parts would be arcanium? that’s why I think it’s a spell he used to make a knife out of magic, which isn’t impossible with solid magics, and I can’t see a good reason to use an imbued ice magic knife to cut ingredients for drinks and food.

shape: dagger

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I think it’s not an imbued weapon, he just used ice magic to make a knife to like chop onions or some shit. He ain’t gonna turn people to thin slices with it.

imagine seeing your bartender cut the lemon for your drink and then shatter the knife for your drink


I want you to know: That sounds dope as hell.

He calls you a “mage” no matter ur build even after awakening (I think), I talked to him as an awakened conjurer and he still called me a mage.

This means he can also be a conjurer bc he considers that a mage or simply put the term “mage” is just used for anyone that uses/has magic in the game bc I’ve never seen them call people by specific builds.

Also I doubt those are arcanium weapons bc 1 who would waste rare metal to make ice knives and 2 why waste more rare materials to make the handle also arcanium when ur not using the handle to cut stuff.

Also weapon spells were never specified to be for a specific build (correct me if I’m wrong)

Source: Trello

Can someone check this with a non-magic related build, specifically after forgetting ur magic?

cools while cutting idk

Everyone: “hE’s 100% cONjuRer”
“NoOoo, hE’s jUST usInG ArCAnium WeaPOnS.”

Guys, guys…Blast, shape: dagger. Your weclome.

If we can make giants daggers, we can make smaller daggers as well, its just that only-solid magic users can make their shapes actually…physical if its make sense. Earth, Metal, Ice. Stable non-poweder soild magics.