Magical Limbs functioning as Arcanium Weapons

Magical Limbs functioning as Arcanium Weapons
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Disclaimer: (This is a suggestion for content that is not currently in the game but has been outlined in the trello, which is why I believe its fair game to suggest on.)

Magical limbs as Arcanium weapon counterparts

In general the Arcanium Weapon system is redundant for Conjurers but would be useful and helpful for warriors.

Arcanium weapons function on a similar system to conjuring, they allow the weapon to conduct the magic.

Magical limbs originally outlined in WoM were supposed to replace your arm or leg with magic, at a sanity cost. I forget if this was a lost spell type or not, but it was a planned thing initially.

I think in this scenario, these magic limbs should function in the same vein as arcanium weapons, and directly conduct the magic into fighting styles automatically. Like using metal magic while having iron leg just functions as such. Same for impact fist and explosion magic limbs.

This would allow Berserkers, and fighting styles in general, one of the more underpowered attack options to have an equivalent form so they can use their magic element.

Though id maybe adjust the cost of having a magical limb, i doubt old man jenkins is gonna go insane over having a wooden leg.


they can already use their magic element tho, imbuements are a thing

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dunno if a decent piece of warlock synergy should be locked behind insanity, especially when arcanium weapons aren’t. but interesting suggestion

thats actually exclusive to warlocks, berserkers (no magic, only fighting style) can’t as far as im aware.

doesnt seem like warriors and berserkers are supposed to use magic at all
that arcanium weapon card hasnt been updated since forever, i wouldnt be surprised if those were exclusive to conjurers the same way strength weapons are exclusive to warlords

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well yea, the other fighting style builds don’t use magic, they even forget it after awakening

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I’m pretty sure that’s the point, though. Beserkers forgets their magic in favor of strength and warriors cast off both magic and strength to handle their weapons better. What are either of them going to do with a lost spell scroll? It just doesn’t work, not unless they haven’t awoken yet and can still put points into magic to change their entire build.

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Arcanium weapons are meant to be a magic user thing, yes it’s redundant for Conjurers for the most part since they can naturally imbue already once they hit first awakening. Berserkers would get zero use from this however, giving fighting styles magic is the purpose of Warlock. I agree it’s one of the harder combat options to use, as I have an explosion warlock, it is pretty painful to use. However, I don’t think giving every fighting style user magic despite what their awakening is would be the buff fighting styles need.

This especially solidifies this argument. I agree that fighting styles themselves need a buff of some sort, but this suggestion would only truly make sense for 1 fighting style awakening.

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This really doesn’t make sense, arcanium wealosn cast spells, which wouldn’t be too useful for warriors. Conjurers rn cast magic imbued weapon skills which is different. Mages would also possibly see a benefit from this

Overall this idea doesn’t really make much sense unless you mean like, arcanium gauntlets or such that are work like an accessory which are imbued with a magic. And even then it would probably just be visual

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