Magical Mastery (if only we could use all the magics) :nod:

There honestly weren’t many wizards who could use ALL known magics. But, I guess Apolo Rust could, though he really only used Explosion Magic just to blow other people’s minds, figuratively obviously.

Sailing through the War Seas was extremely…boring. Well not really, there were ghastly enemies and whirlpools…pirates…other wizards. But, really it was fairly normal.

This was one of those days. The day itself was nice, clear blue sky, calm waters, a good northerly wind to take Apolo to whatever place he wished. That was in the north. The breeze was calm, no whirlpools in sight, nor were there rocks anywhere. Perhaps this was some random route that Apolo had never taken before.

Now, being a one-man squad, he had a fairly modest size ship. You couldn’t really classify it, it was a ship the size of a bungalow. With no cannons, because Apolo used his magic instead. It had a massive sail in the middle with the helm being covered by a moderately sized room.

The wood was magically enhanced with metal magic to make it more durable than metal itself and combined itself with the Life primordial magic to give it regenerative properties so that once it broke it’d regenerate. That was the sole reason why he was able to literally charge through whirlpools and make it out.

Apolo Rust set the course of the ship about 70 degrees West from the helm and went upon the mast and lookout. He was approximately 500 miles away from Redwake. He was going to go there for a supply drop. And considering how truly expensive the supply he was taking he’d expected to be jumped by 14 pirate ships by now.

And true to the wise words of some random person who said, “don’t test fate, cuz if you do it’ll happen.”

…it happened.

14 pirate ships emerged from the horizon rapidly firing cannonballs at the targeted ship. Contrary to Apolo’s belief, he had been trailed by a bounty hunter for 3 days, and 14 pirates ships for 5.

No time to think about that now, there were 50 cannonballs flying towards him.

‘Welp, here goes nothing,’ thought Apolo.


A large wall of water flew into the air and intercepted the cannonballs quickly, before swallowing them into the ocean. The pirate ships were gaining behind him and were firing more cannonballs.

Quickly, Apolo leapt off the lookout onto the deck with a thump. Before jumping up onto the helm cabin’s roof and looked towards the pirate ships. Slicing the water with their hulls they were moving at intense speeds. Apolo heard a loud noise and quickly looked up, 50 more cannonballs were swiftly moving towards him. And they were infused with Acid Magic.

If those things hit his ship he’d be done for, but he couldn’t just casually use Water Magic to slam them into the ocean, it’d make it dangerous to swim in.

10 seconds 'till impact.

“WIND STYLE: BURST,” Apolo called out.

A massive burst of Wind slammed into the cannonballs and thrust them at high speeds back towards the pirate ships. Slamming into 4 ships with a sickening crunch before they fell below the depths of the sea. A massive roar was heard as a magical blast of Fire flew towards Apolo. The heat was immense, and Apolo was extremely surprised to see this amount of power concealed within a blast of fire.

Quickly, he conjured up another magic.


A massive wave of sand surged towards the ball of fire and engulfed it instantly, before it solidified into a powerful heated ball of sand and flew towards the pirates, slamming into a ship and obliterating it into pieces.

Then, a dark shadow rolled across the sky and thunder crackled. Apolo quickly turned around and saw a massive hurricane sitting there inside a massive thunderstorm with waves churning. Perfect, he could escape.

ya know…this was probably why they called Apolo crazy.

But first…the pirates, the Grand Navy said it was either you bring them in alive, or deal with them and leave them dead. After a lot of thinking, or 2 seconds of it. Apolo came to the logical conclusion that he’d have to kill them.

Charging his magic once more this time he conjured up a complex magical circle that pulsed with warm energy. Building up slowly towards the maximum, before Apolo called out,


Suddenly, the magic circle split into 6 and started rotating at blinding speeds before a spiral of Explosive blasts flew out of the circle. Flying towards the ships at blinding speeds, within 4 seconds all the ships were completely demolished, as their parts floated across the water aimlessly, and bodies covered with ash floated atop the water…dead.

“that should do it…” Apolo remarked, before turning around and facing the storm.

“you know what they say…into the eye of the storm” Apolo declared as he leapt down from the roof onto the deck and belowdecks. Past the massive pile of supplies into the little control panel near his room. Pulling down a lever. Outside, panels opened to reveal four metal holes.

Apolo ran back up and drew up a magical circle inside a little valve. Before activating it, on the outside, the metal holes lit up with a bright flash before the boat literally blasted off. Into the hurricane.

The wind tore at Apolo’s shirt and the churning waves threatened to knock over the boat. It was a cycle of Water Magic and Fire Magic so he could prevent his boat from capsizing and sinking while keeping himself warm.

Bouncing through the hurricane a massive bolt of lightning struck the water beside him as it sent electricity arcing towards the ship. Apolo activated the valve magic circle and they blasted just out of range.

A couple minutes turned into hours as he navigated the storm. Once he was nearly blown off the ship by powerful winds, another time his ship was nearly engulfed by a powerful wave.

Still pushing himself he moved through the storm on his trusty ship, telling himself he’d get these supplies to Redwake…or die.

The leaders of Redwake watched the menacing storm on the horizon. They were extremely worried about Apolo and their supplies. They commissioned him to send rare and powerful supplies so they could fend against other islands and regions while giving the Grand Navy and other wizards magical supplies and tools.

The way the storm was going into the evening, it would nearly be impossible for Apolo to find them, especially when it was literally black all around him.

The storm didn’t show any signs of letting up, and after 5 hours the leaders slowly turned around to go back and discuss the backup plans if the supplies did not arrive. When suddenly a powerful shockwave shook Redwake itself as a massive Explosion lit up the sky.

And out came a boat flying towards Redwake at hypersonic speeds before it smashed into one of the rocky pillars of Redwake.

Apolo came out.

“hey, how’s it going…i brought the supplies.”


God returns.