Magics with the worst passives?

list of magics
  • metal
  • ice
  • magma
  • fire
  • wood
  • light
  • shadow
  • lightning
  • poison
  • wind
  • ash
  • acid
  • water
  • snow
  • crystal
  • plasma
  • earth
  • glass
  • explosion
  • sand
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Definitely Shadow. Pretty much all the other magics have affects are synergizes/increases dmg in some way/stuns, except light and shadow which specifically affects the view of the user being attacked.

Blinding has some use since it can completely block a persons view and deal extra dmg if the person is fully blinded.

As for shadow, I cant remember if it does something similar but the effect itself isn’t as potent as blinding as it only makes the view of the affected user black and white.

Shadow has the worst effect without a doubt.

Shadow status is bad so it’s stats can be good

i literally expected such comments, but you still can choose several magics

Why would we choose any other magics? They all have good passives (except shadow)

Idk, Lightning’s paralysis is preeeettyyy useless.

Still serves more use than shadows “blind”

Fair enough, but that doesn’t make it good.

I guess that’s true

Also who voted wood?

light has self synergy and a synergy with crystallised
while shadow only has negative synergies