Magius News is stupid change my mind

DISCLAIMER: Magius News is a cool feature the people who run it are dumb

Okay, I have seen a lot of, MINOTAUR ARRESTED, or EXILED FOUND UNCONSCIOUS, on the breaking news, so I when I was part of the group farming the Minotaur I at least expected to find it on the news, well… I was wrong, there was no breaking news on the newspaper, and I was pretty angry, because we just yeeted the Minotaur TWICE, and MC be like StArTeR WiZaRd BeTtY sPaGhEtTi KiLlEd a LeVel 2 BaNdIt, WoOoO, SuMmEr HoLd FeElS sO mUcH SaFeR, and MaGic CoUnCiL CaPtAiN dEsTrOyEd HaLf Of BeLl ViLlAgE fIgHtInG a LeVeL 4 DaRk WiZaRd, NiCe JoB wIzArD!!!

I say we fire the stupid people running the Magius News and we run it ourselves

(RIP Betty Spaghetti)


Magius News is like modern journalism: Horseshit


Jokes aside, please keep in mind it is an auto generated news issue that actually does a pretty good job keeping up with the loop of what’s happening in the server. If it were run by an actually person, then this would taken legitimately. I can wish to see in the future that someone actually writes news issues around 3-4 pages long for everyone playing the game to see. Would be lit.

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How do captains keep their jobs again?

I did a whole thing where myself and some friends rushed to destroy Summerhold as fast as possible with explosion magic and we did less devastation than captains end up doing.

Their reputation and the fact that they are sided with the literal savior of the world

The peacekeeper should get out of his cave and backhand every single captain into the dark sea for their crimes against… everybody.

Too bad

This is the funniest shit I’ve read on the fourms in a while

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Assessing your argument…
Conclusion: your opinion is objective truth.

Wow congratulations you just became hired for the next captain obvious commercial! Time to get off your forum alt!

Sorry, not a huge fan of those commercials. Guess I won’t get the part :fr:

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