Magius Relics Still Around?

I think I either sold or wiped all of mine :smiling_face_with_tear:

No wonder I don’t have any.

I had no idea what WOM even is.

Wom is world of magic. The game before arcane odyssey. The magius relics are boss drops from there

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I know what WOM is NOW, I’m just saying before I discovered Arcane Odyssey.

Thanks though.

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bro why do you have 2 eagle patrimony when it not tradeable or sellable at all

Still have my 2 :smiley:

I sold all of mine :sob:
But my dear Vastira still lives in my heart :heart:

i still have mines

I said before, I have no clue. I just logged onto this slot and I just so happened to have two.

I would love to collect some of those!

i went into ao with about 20 of em, still have em till this day