Maid Iris

i gave up on getting the arms right

@Flare enjoy you sick fck


thought it said mad iris

I probably would’ve praised this regardless since art is art no matter how gross it might be

but damn bro
this is a mood

:frpensive: I like how unimpressed her face is.

what’s the music ?

apparently this is the first time you have seen my art

probably could have left a better first impression


Yes i’m VNese



i hate 13 yr olds ongggggg

That’s the look of an artist after trying to draw something for hours but it just won’t turn out right.
Damn am I feeling that right now.

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At least this maid living her is living her life

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Finally some real art on the forums.


Iris after being beaten 36 times in a week just for her bracelet

Iris after discovering internet:

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now wait for the dude to ask to draw her pregnant oh wait @fireinnerice

Ok I didn’t expect for that to be made :sob:

Music just got wiped from YT in the ghost ship Arcane Adventure link so here’s the AA music instead

I meant this as a joke but ok thank you :flushed: