Main account

Ok so I need your help with deciding what account I want to use going forward I have a gen 7 fire account with 400 hours and a lot of impressive stats on it but I also just made a wind account and I kind of want to play wind but I don’t want to play two separate accounts I only want to use one of them and main it first I want to know what magic is better for the magic size enchant because I want to play with a lot of aoe and is giving up the slot I putt so much effort into worth it? I’m not worried about the items as I can just give them to my other account vice versa but I can’t transfer the stats so I want to know if it’s worth giving up the account I putt so much effort into for a magic I will enjoy a little more or will fire be really good or is already really good/equal with wind and there will be complimentary wepons like the sunken sword but for fire in the future?


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