Make a love story for the person above you

too many questions about “oh make the coolest epic backstory for the person above you” how about we put it aside and make true love

how would this even work tbh

When I saw the glimmer in your eyes, I knew we are perfect to be together forever

you end up one day being next to some furry, you end up becoming friends, you slowly fall in love as you see their actual self more and more.

you end up existing, not finding love to actually be a thing worth your time

Does this post count as furry r34?

yeah i think

you never find love.


Confirmed gay???1?1!!!

says the furry

I mean I’m aroace so really that’s it

haha even sadder


says the furry


says the furry

we still going on about this?

alright listen up you little shit, I have said numerous times that I am not a furry, and my words are final, GOT IT?

also, what’s wrong with furries? you biased?

hopefully your 130+ IQ can comprehend that (yeah, i remember this)

says the furry