Make a Vetexcord channel for writing like the one for art

The #writing category is an oft-forgotten section of the forums.

Yet I know, as a fellow writer, that the people there work very hard to get their stories out. They have the tremendous courage to surpass the common stereotypes of fanfic writers as well as their own fears to release their works out into the open. For some, that may be enough to satisfy them.

But they deserve recognition, if only for their effort.

I suggest that a new channel be created in the Vetex discord server under the Misc category, named #fan-writing. I suggest that the same system that automatically sends a message each time a new art topic is released be used to broadcast new topics specifically in the #writing:advanced-writing subcategory to this channel.

I understand that there are several concerns over this. Firstly, there is the fact that writing is a far more difficult medium to consume. I do not expect more than a few to ever open a single topic in this channel, but, through sheer statistics, some will.

I understand that writers are usually rather reclusive, so to speak. It no doubt took a great deal of effort to be willing to release their works to the community, and this is an extra burden upon them. But as a writer myself, the fear right before releasing something new is equal to the anticipation, and although I am glad for my regular readers, there is certainly a slight sense of disappointment that few actually read what we write.

I understand that writing is not easy to consume. Some no doubt don’t even open the links to the art posts, simply scanning them for all of a few seconds in the server. But nonetheless, the sheer number of online members in the server (currently just about twenty thousand) is too large for it to never happen.


id like to add something

the fact that xael, a respected admin in vetex’s server even ADVOCATED writing as a category should speak out to someone.

and lets be honest, the only people who are actually famous as writers are the ones who shitpost or make something so obnoxiously terrible and lore breaking its almost funny to read

I was told to advocate for this


no subplot here folks

guess I’ll be putting my shitposts in advanced writing then. As it should be, of course.

crake no-

Crake yes


i guess we wait

until artanaris or something kills us