Make atlanteans reasonable

I got to layer 1 in the Dark sea. Aggroed a mutated atlantean. That thing ran to me at mach 5. I could literally do NOTHING to escape it. It also did very moderate 300 damage per hit. And it had just a little bit of health, no more than 3,000.
It was level 113.
So yeah. Nerf atlanteans to a reasonable level. Not so that a level 113 becomes faster than literal light itself, takes 3 years to kill and also cuts down your health in 5 hits.

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do ds runs in bronze sea nimbus ones are really unbalanced

This WAS in the Bronze sea
A Bronze sea layer 1 mutated atlantean lvl 113 ran at me at mach 5, hit me with a goddamn mountain and would take 3 years to kill

Welcome to NPCs where they have builds that make no sense whatsoever and are somehow a bigger threat than main story bosses

Only different between bronze and nimbus DS is that the ships get +1 tier. Insanity 2 Atlantean ships in bronze are Insanity 1 in Nimbus. Nothing else changes. So this was just your usual NPC build black magic

Me when I’m then the magma glass claw ileg god rush Atlantean slaps me in the face

just use the terrain, their pretty easy for me
also take note they don’t have passive HP regen so guerrilla warfare works

siren bow:

trying to fight atlanteans (or any strong NPCs for that matter) is futile and the best strat is to spam siren bow m1s out of their attack range
or use invis potions

Well, considering that the island was almost completely flat, that doesn’t help
And guerilla warfare couldn’t work. That thing was faster than any dashing, dodge reflex or anything I did. I barely got a second, and I can’t cast any attack in that amount of time.

then make the terrain

bro died to a layer one Atlantean? really?
all jokes aside, I think Atlanteans should be buffed, I want to fight level 600 enemies, but I don’t want to sail for 40 minutes just to find them :confused:

Unfortunately vetex bugged ships so they no longer sail to layer 5 at 3x the speed of light
Tough luck

I always feel like Atlanteans are actually 50 levels above their shown level

I think right now, Atlanteans are meant to NOT be fought (like the concept of Wardens in Minrcraft, even tho that failed miserably), and are like a force of nature

Just use invis bro