Make it so that more than just the guildmaster can use the guild bank

I want to enchant and upgrade my stuff, but lately my pockets have been extremely empty. Luckily I have a nice and cool guildmaster @Jaxxzy, but still I feel bad after pinging him on discord when he’s in the middle of stuff. I think it would be a good idea to make it so that you can appoint maybe three of your guild members to be able to withdraw and deposit within the guild bank. This would make it so that you don’t have to depend on one person for funds, and distribute responsibility in your guild.

Maybe the second ranked people could have access too

u should make ur title shorter to catch more attention
something like: guild banks being used by guildmates
short, simple and just more of a pleasure to read

but back to the point, i quite like this suggestion so heres a vote

I get where you’re coming from and I know a lot of people want to use it for innocent purposes but you just have to remember that allowing just anyone in the guild to have access to it isn’t such a good idea since there could be some untrustworthy members.

I am pretty nice and cool. Also I agree there needs to be another way to access funds.

Time to rob some guilds

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