Make Ships Actually Despawn At Distance

Make Ships Actually Despawn At Distance
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oh cool it says wait until it despawns! that means I have to pay 400 galleons (die) then wait 30 seconds, then sail back to this cool deckhand!

why the fuck do boats never despawn? if it’s immersion, then that’s a bad reason because the player marker exists (we will not be getting into an argument over that I know the communities’ opinions on it). There is no reason for boats to not despawn, and yet they don’t

this wouldn’t even be an issue if you could actually redock your boat, but if you change ship types you’re not allowed to redock at a shipwright

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for cargo runs, but i see your point definitely and think its annoying. we should just get a despawn button next to the dock button and then if you have cargo or sealed chests on it it would give you like an “are you sure?” before it despawns in case you click it on accident


I still believe the reason why we haven’t gotten a respawn button yet was solely because Arcane Adventures didn’t have one. Vetex seems nostalgic for AA to a stupid degree and knowing his personality he probably will never add it even if everyone asks.


despawn buttons don’t need to be added

the system in AA worked great, because ships despawned when you weren’t at them for a while and are at a distance

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That point is debatable, but I agree that something is a whole lot better than nothing.

Unfortunately, I don’t even know if that is in Arcane Odyssey. I have been away from my boat for hours and it still doesn’t despawn! A button to manually do so would be great.

it isnt

Holy fucking shit please even Deepwoken somehow did ship stuff better

May God bless this post brother :pray:

Yes finally a way to consistently despawn your boat! Also add a ship despawn button at shipwright NPCs. It makes sense and isn’t easily abusable.

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