Make the Dark Sea the same everywhere

Make the Dark Sea the same everywhere
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I’ve seen some youtube videos about the Dark Sea in the Nimbus servers. That got me thinking why the hell are the enemies in DS so much stronger there? I think the Dark Sea should have the same exact difficulty in every sea, because that’s not only logical, since the DS is the same magic infested area surrounding every sea. The second reason is quite simple, too: everyone, no matter how strong, will go to the Bronze Sea servers for easier gameplay with the same loot.


The only difference I’ve seen between the two DS areas is that in Nimbus DS I keep seeing many more siren rocks than in Bronze sea, though that may be down to RNG. But yeah it does make sense to equalise them, either by reducing Nimbus DS levels or taking the average between them.

Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense, lorewise or in-game, for the difficulty in the Dark Sea to be affected by which sea you enter it from.

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Wouldn’t really work after vetex adds 5 other seas, with so much level gap. That would make it unfair for lower-level players.

Kinda true, but I’d assume if Vetex wants to keep dark sea relevant throughout the game that the average levels would rise over time anyway. Otherwise, you either have everyone piling into Bronze DS, filling the weaker seas with very high level players, or different seas DS has different loot tables, which makes no sense lore wise.

You could also make it so that there’s more loot to reward stronger (or ballsier) players

That’s what the deeper insanity layers are for though

A possible solution is to make it easier/faster to get to farther insanity ranges in the nimbus sea… maybe with sea currents or something

But i agree that the dark sea should be standardized everywhere because its sort of its own sea


if Martin was real, then that means there might be even stronger than him out there in the far south…
Level 500k atlanteans might exist in the future.

How exactly are they different? I have seen plenty of people with various opinions based on their own experiences, but those seem easily explained by RNG.

pretty sure martin was real but was glitched to having that lvl(probably)

Tbf the whole concept of power scaling makes no sense

I agree.

Fr, it already takes what feels like 10 minutes to reach insanity 1, and my boat is minmaxxed for speed.

I get that the dark sea is supposed to feel massive and dangerous, but I don’t really think it helps the atmosphere nor the gameplay loop if lategame dark sea trips are gonna feel like playing penn and teller’s desert bus

how much speed u got fr

Yeah, would be happy… Why dont the nimbus sea I1 have Heavy Atlantean brigs as a base spawn, yet i1 in bronze has fortified…

cause your brig is weak

Ya good point

suggestion so good the system bumped it lol

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