Make the floating orb ability from calvus a rare spell

Make the floating orb ability from calvus a rare spell
effort 1.333333333333333 3 quality 1.0 3 reasonability 1.0 6

That ability where calvus has 1 - 5 magic orbs above his shoulders which fly at any enemies that come to close.

Players can customise:
the amount of magic orbs
the size of the orbs
Blast radius of the orbs

A higher amount of orbs will add a small amount of tracking to the orb and the size and blast radius are self explanatory.

allah please do not let this be real thing (AUTOAIM FORCED TO BLOCK AND SPEND STAMINA DODGING!)

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that would be ass to fight against

Would it be more ass than the city sized explosions👀

just because something in the game sucks ass doesn’t mean we add more things that suck ass

you mean the thing thats recognized as overpowered and planned to get nerfed?

600 damage grab combo o__O

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They nerfing it from the boss fight?

Okay so since people have gave some good arguments against why this spell would be unfun to play against I thought of a reworked version.

Summon 2 - 5 orbs (customisable)
Orbs will linger above shoulder for upto 5 seconds
The next magic attack or a re activation of the spell will send all the orbs flying at the cursor
Orbs will not attack automatically and will be launched at the cursor after 5 seconds.
The orbs will attack together and not one after the other.

It will function similar to a blast attack with more aoe and can be used with another spell


no, this would make mage even more op

It’d be even worse if this spell was added. Maybe some time in the future with some adjustments, but it’s best if it were left in the dust for a while.

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if it was based completely off your aim, and maybe made a sound effect a bit before it’s done to warn people, maybe

but in your idea it’s kinda horrible

Before lost spells were removed from the trello, this was similar to one of them. The spell would have been an attack you can passively charge and, when ready to use it or at full charge, would fire where you were aiming. I am assuming it would be brought back and, in the customization, would allow you to have multiple orbs like Calvus.

Stop buffing mage
we need more weaponry/berserker abilities

Fr, im mage main, and i want to see some Weapon Meta, leave my magic alone.

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