Make the rudder of (sail)boats move

Make the rudder of (sail)boats move
effort 2.0 3 quality 2.666666666666667 3 reasonability 5.0 4

Its really quite simple, the current rudder mechanics in the game are non-existant, the rudder is completely still while turning

Reason to add

It feels extremely odd to have a rudder on a ship and for it not to move when turning the wheel, it is a tiny detail that removes a lot of immersion.

Having a boat with no moving rudder is like having a car whose wheels dont move while turning.

Roblox moments.
Also yes.

feature added=roblox lag x10000000


I dunno why you even had to suggest this. Seems pretty obvious to add imo

Makes sense but Nah
it’s better to have better control on ships than more realism

but how would this ruin control? it would be purely visual

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a sorry i thought rudder was something completely different
yes i agree

Absolutely, weird how this isn’t already added

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For this primarily being a sailing game now ( not a walking sim ), it should have at least some realism in something you will be using every day.

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