Make tornadoes yeet you

make them yeet you instead of slowly pulling you in and up

cause let’s face it that’s kinda fucking boring for a ‘‘SuPeEr’’ tornado

If it’s a small tornado, then it’s fine. However, if it’s a hell sent hurricane, than yeah, make it so they throw us like the ragdolls we are.

give vote big man

I would do this but there would need to be some kind of wind-up to it, instead of you just stepping an inch into a tornado’s radius and getting flung far af. And since it requires math, we all know I can’t add that :fr:


wouldn’t it be possible if you just made the tornado have like a layered hitbox, where the pull simply increases as you go past more and more layers or would that not work either?

we can all agree than math sucks :fr:

B-b-b-b-b-but–you’re a developer!

Not all developers and coders are math geniuses, I’m only good at problem solving and working my way around things using logic, anything math related that isn’t simple equations I have trouble with lol

it’s time for a skillshare sponsorship I can feel it

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So, I’ve been lied to :frcryin:

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Actually, my favorite subject is Math :fr:

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at any time

Wait, I never agreed to that-

Don’t worry your data is secure with us, we never sell it to anybody : )

why sell something when everyone already has it : )

Why sell something publicly available : )

Anybody want to buy some… OXYGEN?

just slap a body force/gyro on em and yeet em to china o_o