Make up dumb, overly-serious theories about Ruby Roger

This is supposed to be a bunch of nothing theories about a gag character, so I better see y’all making some of the wildest stuff out there.

Mine is that Ruby Roger and Clark Silvers are also Order of Aesir escapees, using piracy as a means to get away from whatever they saw in their facilities. Ruby would probably be a legacy of Prometheus to fit his whole gag archetype, as he’d have some insane potential even compared to other Legacies but barely any skills enhanced by it, while Clark would likely be descended from Athena given that he seems to be more level-headed.

he will become a real dragon slayer at some point in the story, and we’ll be able to hear the story from him

ruby Roger becomes a curse user and he changes his name to [INSERT CURSE] Roger

He’s going to have the craziest tale about a massive battle in the dark seas involving countless monsters long thought extinct and the site of the battle is going to be an area like the epicenter but in a closer range.

He is a reincarnation of Cursebeard (real)

He is simply built different.

He needs no curse, no spirit wpn.

Just with a cutlass in hand, he is gonna conquer the seas and become the greatest pirate.

His clash against the so called “infamous” Six Corsairs will be legendary, but I have no doubt that it will be him that will emerge victorious.

He will also be the first person to reach Mimhere island.

does this means there id a dragon in the story?? And would we be fighting it lol.

Also the order of aesir’s logo seemed to look like a kraken or something with tentacles, or an asura.

Ruby Roger and Clark Silvers are spirit entities that possess random pirates and make everyone think they are real, but in reality are just mass hallucinations. Once captured they detach and find other pirates to possess.