Making guild logos!

hey there, making guild logos

price: 1400 crowns in game or 75 robux

arcane gov
heres a version of the AG logo I did earlier

dm me on the discord if interested, dragon#2168

Did you draw that or get from a website and touch up / edit?

wait. i thought u werent allowed to ask for robux on forum.

maybe im jsut dum idk

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Looks like they drew it. Reverse image search gives no results.

I used a picture of the original AG logo for the shape of the shield and image size,
then basically drew the rest yeah

@Burgr asked meta before posting and he said its k

Can you draw nsfw guild logos? :flushed:

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if you pay me :flushed:


still doing this fyi hmu

1400 crowns I can do, if you’re still doing it.

yeah dm me

guild logo commission for “Bat Gang” for Kausey#0452

give me more commission requests pls :sob:

guild logo commission for the The Holy Elf#5647