Market After Quarantine

Marketplace is basically in quarantine, so what stuff do you have that you’re either itching to trade/sell or just have extras of.

I have SO MANY wizard robes/pants/hats, as well as various amulets (mostly dull). Too many rods, bunch of wooden clubs, many traveller’s backpacks, and tons of different hats (several valks and captain hattos). I also have an extra sunken chest piece, but I might just fish for my own stuff (1 lvl 80 Sunken Chest, 1 lvl 80 Sunken Boots, 1 lvl 50 Sunken Chest). So many bows, daggers, swords, spears, etc. too.

I have several old boots that I’m interested in selling for a Sunken Sword

What side are they all on? Cuz if it’s all left boots, then damn it aint worth it.

Boss items better be equal to sunken gear, but not have a ability similar to the sword to make it unique still.
This way people can trade boss items (much more enjoyable to kill a boss over and over again than to fish for hours) for sunken items.

Trading off my sunken helmet for as many old boots/rusty cans.