Massive dark sea buff


past insanity 4ish range of the dark sea, pretty much every chest becomes golden or silver, and there’s a LOT of them too

the chance of a 1 in 60 is ~1.67%, which sounds low, but remember, there are tons of those chests in the deeper areas. get your warding 6 build and stock up on invis potions

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Only issue I see here is that we’re like coughing babies in Insanity 4 right now, but if you don’t care for Dark Sealed Chests, you could probably get a bunch of scrolls to sell.

If you got invis and can avoid the atlantean brigs you should be able to loot a lot of siren rocks though which got both dark sealed and chests

invis potions completely nullify any danger in the dark sea (mostly)

the only issue is farming jade pearls which is a pain, id say 30 jade pearls (60 invis potions) is good enough to last you a while, and save some of the pearls to make silver invis potions which last longer

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Farming jade pearls arent a pain since they respawn every 1 min, find a good underwater structure and you could get 250+/hour

thats nice to know…although i dont think im psychotic enough to farm 250 of them per hour

How do you get em again?

I know they’re in the clams I just don’t know how to get them out

I used to farm jade pearls until one time the clam bit me and did 724! damage and a tiger shark combo’d me immediately after

I was so traumatized I never went for jade pearls again

That happened to me with a Giant White Eyes. I was just getting a few from a structure near Rubica when it came out of nowhere and one-shotted me :sob: I didn’t go underwater again for a whole week :disappointed_relieved:

touch them with your player model