Massive story leak!



Still can’t tell if these screenshots of the quest are fake, or if it’s really still in the game.

it is but I will not be elaborating

They’re real, you just have to

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they fucking SHOT HIM!!!

exiled would’ve been warrior while minotaur would’ve been warlord
argos STOLE from mino. we must destroy him


fuck. does this make mino a vitality/strength/weapons savant

Minotaur is a son of Wotan

You heard it here first

no he is just a warlord.

This is unfortunately a fake as the quest is in the other side and not on the story side. It would also be titled as Level 125+ as this continues the story line.

you have to sail across the dark sea and wait 120 hours to encounter this hidden quest

Argos is Minotaur but better

if i recall, this is a filler quest/tester quest found in a menu-server

You can only get into a menu server by utilising a glitch :+1:

the titlescreen is in a different game and iirc you cant spawn your ship there so this shouldnt be possible

AO x TF2???
I can’t believe this!

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