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I LOVE fishing


Appearance in leaderboard


is it worth it

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if love fishing you’ll absolutely ADORE this

The small guppies I catch are worth more than you ever will be, you horrid, repugnant, sad excuse for a human being. What is it with you? Are you just bad at fishing? Is that it? Or do you hate to see people happy? You must think you’re so special, so clever, but you are alone on this world. Once my 3 men in black suits arrive on your doorstep at 9 PM tonight, they will send you on a rocket to space. You will float alone on a rock forever, screaming into the endless void, but your efforts will be futile. No one will be able to hear you, and nobody will be able to help you. Don’t think God will be on your side, because not even he can stop me, as the power of fishing is coming inside of me. Eventually, you will get bored, and claw at yourself for your own amusement. The peeling of your flesh will sting at first, but then you will feel nothing. You will reduce yourself to a lifeless husk, all because you decided to try and be smart and insult the best thing that has ever graced God’s Green Earth. The largest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don’t keep the devil waiting. You can either suffer with the rest of my adversaries who dared to insult fishing, or you can join me in catching God’s most beautiful creations.

Your choice.


How long did it take you?

Big V didn’t have the gonads to call the title “Master Baiter” what a ripoff

“roblox master baiting”

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Bros got the whole marine population in their pockets fr

how in the world… could you share some fishing tips plz
(specifically spots)

You sir are the definition of insanity, OP.

ive somehow already got over 60%
should i keep going

same, i think because it’s carried over from WoM

yea it did but i never knew i fished that much in wom
like come on i only have like 3k fish caught

i have less than 1000 :skull:

very important spot, only spot in the map with a cold pond i believe, this is where i get cold freshwater fish all the rest of the islands have warm ponds
this is pretty useful for ocean fish that have specific temp


Many thanks, I had a feeling that Whitesummit had cold ponds but didn’t want to get trolled if they were frozen