Master deckhand


what about it? there’s legendary ones too

probably requires 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 fame for legandary

Deckhands have their tiers:
Common(grey window), uncommon(yellowish window), rare(blue), exotic(red like now), Legendary(green)

Legendary Deckhand

eh i was close enough

:male_sign: Dungeon master :male_sign:

The only people with these are those “most wanted” mfs with trillions of bounty

Yeah i found one that was exactly 1 million fame

why do they still suck

YEAH LIKE 9 RESILIENCE? for a legendary you’d expect it to be 10 times that. over 100% resilience now you’re sailing faster when going against the wind lmao

are they deckhands? or do they get put into the like plus section of ship customization? because if they are deckhands that’s just shitty. if they are basically “free” upgrades then i can kiinndaaaaa get behind it, tho they should still be much less.

Genuinely think vetex fucked up the code for this

if he did he probably would have already fixed it.

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deckhands do not go into the add-on slots, i can confirm because i have two of them

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