Master Jeweler title?

Does the master jeweler title exist and is anyone else going for it? I’m already almost past 500k jewel crafting xp. I heard Selectorch was going for it and he was ahead of me last time I asked him, but I searched the forums and active players’ inventories and couldn’t find any other post or talk about it.

If this is a thing, let’s get the word out. What do you know about the Master Jeweler title?

Edit: I lied about having almost 500k jewel xp, I actually had 750k jewel xp. There is no master jeweler title and that’s okay. I’m gonna settle for my 1,000,000 xp and live peacefully for the rest of my summer break : )

as much as your knowledge about grass

It doesn’t exist. The only exp based title is Master chef

honestly I believe titles should be given out for each profession at perfect level.
I really can’t come up with a single reason why not to do that.
I can come up with some excuses, sure, but no actual reasons against it.

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It’s more likely that every AO player besides you haven’t.

Yeah that makes sense to me honestly

However, even though there is no title for getting perfect skill on one of them, you can always see people’s cooking skill, brewing skill, and jewel crafting skill

I found it genuinely confusing when people were complaining about the idea of a “master alchemist” title for the first guy to reach 1 million brewing for being “unoriginal” and “pre-planned”.

Straight up that just sounds like a mix of excuses and jealousy at the very IDEA somebody might get a special title.
Gives off a whole “if I can’t have it, NOBODY CAN!!!”

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that wasn’t their point, their point is that vetex will be sort of “forced” to make custom titles for every milestone a specific player reaches on any profession he adds, which kind of ruins the specialness of arly getting one since nobody really thought he would tbh


if that’s their “point” then that sucks for them.
still feels like a bunch of shitty excuses.

not tryna start an argument, just saying what it looks like.

idk man, ig at the end of the day it’s just a couple words

And a png on the side of their name

What in the god damn

I was about to sleep :skull::sob:

this is true. eventually “x” amount of XP of professions loses its novelty especially since you could already make potions (e.g. grind seaweed and sharks) + arly’s title causing people to prepare for the potion update, making alchemy less special than cooking

personally, I’m so-so on a master alchemist title, but something past a master jeweler and maybe the whole thing’s gotten stale, but as you said it’s really just words

I guess this argument is good against brewing titles, but what about gem titles? Before the update, there was the gem wipe and rare reagents weren’t even added to the game yet so there’s no way people would have time to prepare for that.

I’d understand that, but most likely the concept of XP would cause many to grind and craft, over well, using the advantages of higher profession levels and how jewelcrafting came out after master chef


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