Max Defense Possible + PvP

video of the most defense possible plus some casual pvp, watch if u want (also the build is at the end)


huh only 1325.

wtf do you mean by only? using defense hybrid gives you 388 defense (wizard set + power and defense amulets[dull] when all have hard enchant) and 1022 health I’m assuming aabraham did hard sunken + hard defense + hard exiled helmet and it gave him 300 extra health, 300!!

Might be wrong but I’m pretty sure a hard exiled helm has a very slightly better defense than this


you’re right but I think Hard Iron has more then hard pirate but less then hard exiled

Sunken Armour Set gives the most defense possible on any armour piece, and you can only use one helmet. I am already using the sunken helmet so i cant use exiled or iron armour, meaning my only option is to use pirate hat/ tricorn

Oh yeah I forgot that helmet rule
…It’s a bit dumb when you consider helmets are pretty bad compared to amulets

It was always viable, just no one used it because of cost.

Damn if you ever run from a guild you’ll be so safe. It’ll take like 40 beams to take you down.

lol, no damage. At least I can 2-3 shot people with my gold full-power set :ez:

no cap, This max defence build might actually be viable if you mix it with a hard hitting magic like gold, you’d still do low damage but you could probably tire people out after a while and win in a long-term battle.

It’s better with poison

id rather have 900 hp and deal 150 per blast than hve 1325 and deal 100 per blast

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50% more damage or 50% more hp. Feels fair enough

True true, but consider the magic size with thos buildn it really makes a difference

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