Max Hunger Food?

I was fishing and I thought about what the max amount of hunger you could get in a dish.

I did two calculations, one revolving around just the theoretical highest hunger meal with raw math, and one where I’d try to get the “variety buff.” I’ll elaborate on that in a bit.

For the first meal, the highest hunger item in the game is a Massive Colossal Squid with 975 hunger, cooking in a gold pot gives 1950 hunger alone due to the x2 gold pots give. If you cook 4 of them in a gold pot, the total hunger is 7800 mathematically.

For the second meal, I had to study the behavior of using different fish that are worth the same amount of hunger. And the results I got were in this image, with me attempting to approximate a line that best fit the points I put in.

I did more testing and while using 4 of the same item gave their additive costs, example being 4 piranhas (worth 25) creating a 100 hunger meal, using 4 different items worth the same amount of hunger gave 117 (a minor outlier in the data but it’s fine). I concluded that it was a bonus to have variety in the food you used to cook rather than a staleness debuff that caused food value to drop if you used multiple of the same item. Using this thought process, I calculated a massive colossal squid (1950), a massive basking shark (1284), a massive sleeper shark (936) and a massive great white shark (864), all of the values are calculated after the golden pot buff. Multiplying that with the 13% variety bonus, I got roughly 5288 hunger.

4 massive colossal squid is still theoretically worth more than the second meal i calculated.

To give perspective, eating that meal would give you enough hunger to last 54.6 hours ingame, which is just under 164 ingame days without eating food at all. To have complete luck 5 you’d have to use 550 legendary scales and 110 dark sea essentia, all brewed in gold pots.

I got my food values from the AO Cookbook as well, which saved me the trouble of cooking every single fish. AO Cookbook - Google Tabellen

Happy fishing.


i was fishing basically the entire time i was typing this too, i only need a damn arapaima to get master angler

i must sleep though so good night for now

i have made 4 squids in a silver pot i will cook up a post about it

You won’t be able to realistically utilize the dish, if you try to eat more than once you won’t because of that stupid over the 100 cap

meals are exempt from this as long as you’re finishing the same type of meal

god damn. what was the strat to get all the variations? luck potions?

If your first interaction with a giant meal is when you’re below 100 hunger, every bite of it will give hunger regardless of your hunger from that point forwards.
If your first interaction is above 100 hunger, even if you’re starving the meal will give you nothing aside from status effects.

As for the true max hunger meal, correct me if I’m wrong, but each time you use the same ingredient in one meal, it gives less hunger value.
I remember reading that somewhere.

Oh right. Then this is op

Cooking more than 1 of a single item in the same meal will gradually decrease the hunger restored by each individual ingredient

i want to know the potential debuff that cooking duplicate foods gives, since from my testing it’s less of a debuff and more of it not having a bonus, i tested several types of foods using the cookbook

unless i know for a fact that there is some sort of value or formula that calculates the food debuff, i will always believe that cooking duplicate items does not have any negative effect on the food value

and that cooking separate foods gives a bonus rather than it being the norm

Throwing this out now, I’ve still been thinking about this post and I have yet to see anyone make any progress on making this meal to prove my hypothesis on the buff/debuff on food wrong.

I might trade some stuff for massive colossal squid when I have the chance, but that seems somewhat slim.

you know, the chef in redwake literally told you that

why are 2 sleeper sharks worth different amounts of hunger

diminshing returns

why are 2 sleeper sharks worth different amounts of hunger

took me that long to notice that typo, i’ll edit the original post to correct that, meant to put basking shark for one of those