MC Server Thread

So I made that server and apparently you I can’t find a way to get an invite link, so give me your IGN and I’ll manually add me (it’s a realm thingy)

discord invite: Discord

IGN. I’ll guess that means In-Game Name.

If it is, my IGN is bid7

invited you


@Rake @PersonWhosACone @OmenHelpMe @Noobbot @StarForDays @Ardstro @Flare @ThatAsianInTheCorner @Prussia @seafoam said they would join so here’s ping

also @DavisTheEman i ran out of pings

i call here for my endgame base

Eh, why not.

My IGN is HolySeaOtter

alr invited


Is it 1.18.2?

yea latest version

added you as well

I have no idea how to join :skull:

click the minecraft realms button, then click pending invites at the top of the screen

Wait when did I say that I don’t remember


O crap I wasn’t on the fourms.

IGN DavisTheGod

invited, I’ll leave you some stuff in a chest