Me and my Friend's Inventories got Wiped

So uh, I don’t know the steps to replicate this, as it happened straight after I joined a game with my friend, both our inventories appear to have 0 items, and all our equipped items are still there. In this process, I lost all my seasonals, and really want a solution to this eventually.

Update: It’s also on one of my other files


did you like, set a filter on or smth

also wtf is with 2nd and 3rd’s build

This has been happening in multiple servers to me as well, players can’t open chests, trade, buy items in shops, or do much of anything along with your inventory displaying nothing.

It seems to only be happening in affected servers, some servers like the one I just joined everything is fine and others are completely broken.

Happened to me as well try rejoining after awhile on a different server

its called bad enchantment rng

It’s a Roblox bug I believe

this is so fucking sad

Pretty sure your inventories aren’t actually wiped. They just don’t load.

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