Me complaining

why did this random 385k fame dude pull up and sink my anchored brig with his brig then gank me?

I had no bounty, and my galleons were only 435, I also had no chests on my ship whatsoever.

nor have I ever interacted with him in any way before, in game or otherwise

man was just being a dick for no reason


he prob got bored, people will do stuff like that :person_shrugging:

never happened to me before nor I have I ever seen it happen to anyone else

I’ll say this is what they wanted out of you, a reaction to fill up their ego as they look at the forums or any other public discord servers and see their victim cope
Nothing more, nothing less (or straight up boredom)

Dont worry, you can be better eventually champ we get Ls from time to time just dont get it over to your head :+1:

honestly I’m already over it, I’m just annoyed that I gotta repair my ship now

whats user lemme go after him

k ill dm you

he has a good chunk of fame and I have a good chunk of time to hunt

If only they’re an lb player… :trol:

300k fame is still profits

It’s things like this that prove that staying at neutral rep won’t actually keep you safe. It helps, but you should still keep an eye out for people. Make it a habit to check who is in your server whenever you or someone else joins.

Fame players should get their fame cut in half by ataxking neutral players (i am like 60% serious on this, it feels like most of the toxic pvp people i find are always fame)

I feel like the fame players seem the more toxic ones because they wouldn’t actually gain anything from attacking someone without a bounty.
Ignoring neutral for a moment, bounty players have a reason to attack anyone whether they have fame or bounty, but people with fame have no reason to actually fight each other besides wanting to fight.
Similarly, neutral players have no reason to attack anyone else or to be attacked.

I personally have not had the experiences that you seem to have had with fame player, as I have only ever been attacked by one after stopping them from chasing a friend. The only thing I can say about neutral players is that I am often wary of them. Despite the most common reason for being neutral being to avoid pvp, most neutral player I see have a lot of player kills, and could gain a bounty and attack me at a moments notice.
I doubt the person that attacked you did it out of paranoia though, since attacking someone is the worst way to avoid combat.

Fame shouldn’t be so pvp related in my opinion it’s so hard to play the pve aspect of the game because of how forced the pvp is.

I wish it worked more like this

  1. Bounty can be gained as it currently it
  2. Fame is now gained through “honerable duels” at munera (basically 2 players agree to PvP by idk… signaling to eachother)
  3. Fame is gainable by bounty hunting bounty player/nocs
  4. Fame is lost by jumping fame/neutral players with the % being based on how much the diffrence is (so killing a neutral could set you back 25% of your game with could be alot)

The only issue being how you would consider someone to have attacked someone else in order for them to lose fame. If you do it based on who does damage first, someone who can dodge more and defends themselves may get punished for it.

hahaha, same brother, 1st day of dark sea. lb player comes out with decked out brig, destroys my newly bought brig as I fail to escape. Left me on shell island and didn’t even bother to pvp me, just left on his boat.

My answer to you my friend is that we shall not bond or relate over our hatred on them, but agree we’ve seen the most down bad shit people do because they are bored or just are careless.

(And then prepare some horrible horrid potions as PVE demons for the next shitty bored player who attempts. Because while they can be a criminal, we can be a war criminal and use chemical warfare

Specifically 385k fame? Is he on a clan that’s colored black or something because I could’ve sworn I met him on a hero file and he tried to hunt me on his villain warlord file which only had about 15k galleon bounty.

If it makes you feel better we fought on Ravenna, I killed him 15 times (I think) no buffs though I used a tier 1 bleeding gel, I didn’t die once and just decided to leave him alone since he wasn’t leaving after that many deaths, I revoked his bounty at least thrice.

And I can’t really tell if he’s bad at PvP, I suppose we were both tired but he couldn’t kill me once either so idk.

mabey keep track of recent “in combats” that clears when you/the opponent dies
so if you dodge alot (enough for the old timer to expire) it would “extend” the timer or “continue” it so they are still the agressor, you are just dodging like a fly