[Mechanic] Sheer Power

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Sheer Power

Very simple mechanic.

When you are way stronger than an NPC, and they throw a projectile at you, simply charging your energy allows you to deflect the projectiles.

For balancing purposes, this might be disabled if a player is the one shooting the projectile.

I understand that this mechanic promotes a “power vs power” game, but given that a large majority of AO already runs on levels, stats, and rare items, it seems to be a “form over function” game anyway, focused mainly on the spectacle of being a badass magic sailor instead of the actual combat mechanics. This mechanic idea, therefore, is all about the spectacle of being so ridiculously powerful that the mere act of channeling your energy overwhelms enemies you would’ve struggled against much earlier on in your journey.

This feature is inspired by the scene in Dragon Ball Z where Goku blocks a powerful attack from Burter and Jeice simply through the pressure of his yell. Seizure warning for the video, because it’s a 90’s anime.


Sounds cool

sounds nice but not so necesarry

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Shouldn’t be a thing b/w players

That’s some Sound Magic stuff

would be funny

@DubiousLittleTyp0 do you have that clip of jotaro saying yes

Funny but there’s no real point to it existing, isn’t taking like 4 damage and being unscathed intimidating enough?

Dubious… you’re about get nerfed… fr

that shadow vs metamancer moment…

rather than bouncing magic blasts off, if you charge magics that you counter disintegrate around you (high power water charge disintegrates any low lvl fire/magma/explosion blasts)
kinda works because if you charge with a certain magic you can cleanse yourself off some status (water charging clears burning status)

Sounds fun.

fair enough

Well, the small features in games is what adds to an overall charm.

this kind of reminds me of sensing but like cooler

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