Media That Makes You Mad

What’s a story that feels like it exist just to make the reader livid, acting akin to a troll? Bonus point if it’s actually well written or well done.

It’s a spoiler, but (AOT SPOILER) Attack on Titan’s last 8 chapters + extra pages.

Holy shit if it was the most anti-climatic, most stupid and most character-destructive ending.
It has become a legendary meme though, which is a small plus… I guess?
But still, it’s fucking bad and I’m surprised at how people even treat it as a, you guessed it, ROMANCE.

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The Snowpiercer movie where all of humanity lives on a train.

Like the two characters who have the least experience surviving outdoors, survive and everyone else dies.

Dragon Ball Super being too scared to give Vegeta a win in any way

he finally surpasses Goku by a large margin and guess what? Still JOBS TO THE NEW ENEMY WHO DIDN’T EVEN EARN THEIR POWER, LIKE WTF TOYOTARO WHY WAS THAT A GOOD IDEA TO YOU?

/end rant