Medic/Doctor Player Profession

Medic/Doctor Player Profession
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If you’ve seen the update to the Trello, then I don’t need to explain much. If you haven’t, well, have a screenshot (there’s much more than this, I advise you actually go and check)

Basically, my proposal is that there should be a Medic/Doctor Profession to counter injuries. Choosing this profession would decrease the drawbacks of injuries, as well as increasing the healing rate. It could also grant access to an item (idk, maybe a medic bed) that heals injuries incredibly fast.

it sounds like a good idea but
can you go more in-depth


Cooks and alchemists will most likely already be able to heal injuries by themselves…
So why bother adding another buff/support profession that only focuses on health if the other two can do that and more

I think they should still get the drawback of the injuries but they can counter them easier than most. Also I don’t think that this should be a profession because we have regen. Who are the doctors going to heal? How would you even level up this profession in the first place. You can just trade the stuff that fixes injuries to another player.

Cool in concept but overall seems kinda pointless.

The better route would be to just not add injuries because that just slows down the game for no reason that I can come up with.


I don’t know what a doctor would do though, chefs and alchemists already heal injuries and give buffs. I guess doctors can increase your HP regen, but that’s probably just it.

The trello kinda says profession aren’t supposed to affect PvP.image_2021-04-07_101140

…but the alchemy and chef professions exist

yeah but you can trade for those items you can’t trade for a doctor


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