Meet Lawrence, a Normal WoM Bandit

Meet my friend Lawrence the bandit. He’s a perfectly normal guy, nothing to see here. Go say hi to him.

If you’re wondering, that’s lv 7,822,344

Think he can beat the legendary beast atlantean?

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He REALLY needs that information.

“I will ask you ONCE.”
“P-Please! Ask away! I’ll answer anything!”
“WHEN… Does the armorer wake up?”
“I told you I’d only ask once.”
arrow impact sfx
critical damage sfx


And the fact that he will only ask ONCE, is why he hasn’t gotten the Information yet.

yeah he’s not a very good thinker

I feel pretty confident that Lawrence here can beat the Legendary Atlantean and Adkins at the same time.

and cursebeard
and prometheus
and zeus
and poseidon
and theos
and durza
and the peacekeeper
and almost every cursebearer

I’d say Torren too

The fact that he is so powerful but still just a regular bandit suggests that he was some powerful person who disguised himself as a bandit to get information. But he is committing to the disguise too well and will actually commit crimes.

in terms of WoM health, Lawrence has 46,934,158 hp

the damage the atlantean does
it isnt even negged its just GONE
my boy lawrence is making a second dark sea atp

Lawrence walking up to the duel between Adkins and the Legendary Atlantean with his branch bow and old dagger

Not the branch bow man :sob:

Legendary criminal Lawrence
Rear criminal Lawrence

The first ever WoM bandit NPC to talk smack and ACTUALLY has the stats and skill to back it up.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he says “Sigh… A weakling.” upon seeing any players lol.


he means it when he says hes gonna finish this quickly