Melting diamonds return

#ihatemeltingdiamonds #altfarmers

as you can see you see John Cole over here with -17700
John later left the guild in fear of being banned This is where Kirtana joins the server
This is also someone who is friends with Kirtana Me and a camera crew went to confront her/him and we were bamboozled! She/he was acting very sus :eye:

Already Rookie minutes after this screenshot she left
Then she rejoins again and minds her own business **this is the current server **

We were done here. We solved the case and our job is done. Now it’s your turn to do yours!

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They should have done this on the 1st of May it would have made so much more sense


Oh yeah, You know that Alic guy? he isn’t a alt farmer btw, he got ganked a shit ton for a long time

its @karma01231 :nod: who quite a lot of people here know after that one incident

Almost everything alic says is sus fr

Why care about guild drama anymore. Infamy is going to get wiped.
Just let the cloggers do whatever. It isn’t that bad.


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