Members getting DUPED after getting force removed

Basically go read @Pacifisity’s bug report about force kicks.

But the problem is… you get a duplicated version of yourself in the guild once you are invited back, and this dupe actually takes up member space.

The really big problem is that this can happen to guildmasters too, which can’t be solved by simply kicking the person, because you can’t kick guildmasters.

you can though

If this happens the guild would be required to be disbanded.

cant you just transfer owner ship to a coleader, say your alt, then get kicked then get ur alt to transfer the ownership back to u

u just gotta know how to run 2 robloxs at once

You get kicked, so you don’t have the correct perms.

if ur a leader, cant u give the ownership to a coleader that’s your alternate account

then u can give the leadership back to the main account from ur alt

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