Meme question

You know those memes that take a GIF or moving picture and put two images over two things in the meme?

God of War Ragnarok review: OH MY GOD!
(imagine the two weapons above with text on them as they’re flying through air, with the text following on them.)

Yeah, how do you make those? Because I am an ignoramus.

can you show an example i have no idea what you are talking about

Visual examples would help, but I don’t know if I’d be able to anyway. Good luck with this ordeal

what i think they’re tryna to accomplish is that they’re making two ideas clash with another

the axe would say “u suck” below or on the axe tracking with it

to then the hammer (i think thats a hammer) would block it showing up with the text “no u” following it

thats what i think they’re getting at

oh yeah thats easy, just keyframe it to the object on some editing software