Mercy for Elius


Ur better than me, I relished in his decapitation

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Now draw maddox cannibalizing him (it was for research purposes obviously)

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though he’s a pain in the a$$ for me, i’ll still spare him, my oc’s don’t kill, they swore an oath not to

I spared him for the sake of my sanity.

so who’s gonna tell them about how the calvus fight ends-

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Prince Revon with the god curse:
MC, I have returned. I bring the destruction of those you love!
Falls into a puddle

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well tbh, they do overthrow corruption (if you’re trying to say that)

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prince revon on his way to be the hardest boss ever (contemplating existence is one of his gimmicks)


my char up and killed him, he was bleeding out anyways, might as well make it personal

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i murdered that son of a bitch lol
tho in my defense it was a mercy-kill, because i figured the order did way worse to way less deserving people (bless up beringer)

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(the puddle is his shockwave attack which is the size of Mount Orthyx)

Why would u spare bro ? :skull:

making me and new players rage on release he must be perished i dont want lord elius part 2

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“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”
~ Elius (his mind, probably)

Imagine if he comes back for ruthless players as a magic ghost and gives us an even harder time (merciful get an ally)

random idea, but mercy players might be able to find him in a hut somewhere, and killing players would find a grave there instead

I think killing elius was a smarter idea since the order would have probably found him (and do much, much worse to him)

though on some of my files, he was spared.