Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear - Comic

This took longer than expected, but I am happy with how it came out. Anyway enjoy, and Happy Holidays! :heart: :nod: :+1:


“You know what when you think about it, Santa is basically an old man who breaks into your home to unload his sack”

Got me dying :joy: :rofl:


Santa gonna come by today to unload. I can’t wait bro! :flushed:

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I’d like to see Tobi with a Christmas tree up himself :mariomug:


bruhh this is perfect

shout out to tapchow portrait and gonb on the wall

Gonb is gone. :frcryin:

Tap gets a tank >:)

I saw feck so I want to know if anyone at the black bulls watches call me kevin

Me :sunglasses::raised_hands:

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Yooo that’s kinda poggers ngl :flushed:

This made me laugh, thank you tobi.

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He is hilarious, love his content. Also love Gaming with Josh.

Fun Fact: I made my self get into the habit of saying “Feck” instead of the F word. :sunglasses:

No prob man, glad you enjoyed it. :heart:

Happy Holidays. :christmas_tree::tada:

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Lol what a funny and cute comic. Love the irony in this.

i fucking love you tobi

greatest comedian in the 7 seas, magius, and war seas

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Thank you thank you. I just watch a lot of memes. :joy:

Thanks, I had a ton of fun making this even though it was from 8:00PM to 4:00 AM :nod:. :heart:

this is perfect and that is 100% something i’d say

can we grill tapchow next time?