Meta Armor Set Discussion

Discuss what you believe is the META armor set. Please be civil, don’t be rude or cause any unnecessary drama. Try not to get too off-topic. Thanks!

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People are saying Carina, but Sunken and Cernyx are pretty good too

Hmm… what are the stats? Never heard about “Carina set meta”

Power and Attack Speed

Damn I better grind carina once im out the mines

What build?

Is your pfp from that one anime about the introverted girl

Idk man. It just looks cool that’s why I chose it.

I’m using a mage defensive build currently but considering switching to A defense/power/atk speed build to cover all the stats I want.

what about best armor for a warrior?

Go for power and attack speed and enchant with hard

Personally I’m going full king calvus set half hard half powerful with a powerful power amulet (mage btw)

you know of the best armors for that? I don’t know of too many armors since I sold all of mine like a dumbass

Lady carina

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these are the stats of an ALMOST fully maxed out carina set, the only item not level 120 is the boot
carina 2


I’m going with the king armor over carina because it gives more power and i ca never really tell the difference with attack speed

What are the stats of the helmet

king as in revenna armor from king calvus?