Meta Dump

Meta Dump
convenience 4.428571428571429 7 fairness 4.5 6 trustworthiness 4.571428571428571 7

nope that is like the middle of the night for me

lmao yeah so wait until friday

Beautiful shop bro gl

What method do you use to farm for all those wizard robes/pants/hats? i always have trouble finding npcs selling a lot

I’ll explain later but it’s really simple, just mostly involves luck and knowing where to look

+1 powerful set
+1 hard set
+1 hard and powerful defense amulet
+1 clean exiled chestplate

(traded from alt)

Are you available to do trade


Ill join you what acc u on

sorry i didnt see im on Camreeyan rn

yeah im warping you now

i dont have the wiz pants on this file tho, so ill rejoin and give you them
after i give u everything, ill rejoin on another file, then you can give me all the pieces



-5 hard wizard sets
-6 powerful power amulets
-6 powerful defense amulets
-1 hard wizard hat

+1 clean vastira
+1 clean exiled set



clean oathkeeper → strong oathkeeper

so are you gonna explain

you uh just write down anywhere you see a wizard, bounty hunter, merchant, scout, etc and then return to those spots because they could be a merchant with any luck

then you create a route out of that to go server hopping and looking for merchants until you find a good one

then you buy out their stock at least twice

the east pinensula is the best for this imo because theres a lot of merchants in ironport and a decent amount in riverville, plus you can find some on the paths. you dont have to run all the way to summer although there are a lot of potential spawns there. if youre worried about that then just have an alt staying at summer and then keep your main in east and check both places each server


2 clean mino armor → 2 nimble mino armor
clean exiled leggings → bursting exiled leggings

once i enchant enough of the clean meta pieces I’ll do a rework of the stock